Emergency NHS Dentist Costs

Emergency NHS dentist appointment costs are the same as a routine dentist appoint. If you require urgent dental care, the cost will start from the Band 1 charge of £23.80. 

Most urgent dental treatments can be done in 1 appointment and will be included in Band 1 NHS dentist costs. For example, you may require pain relief or a temporary filling.

Once your urgent dental course of treatment is complete, you may be advised to make another dentist appointment for a separate course of non-urgent treatment. This follow-up dental treatment will be charged the usual NHS dentist prices for each band.

Emergency Dental Treatment: NHS Dentist Band 4

The cost of emergency dental care is NHS dentist Band 4 course of treatment is £23.80. The dental treatments included in NHS Band 4 for emergency dentist treatments include:

  • examination, assessment and advice
  • X-rays
  • dressing of teeth and palliative treatment
  • pulpectomy or vital pulpotomy
  • fixing a tooth that has been knocked out and
  • any necessary treatment
    repairing and refixing inlays and crowns
  • refixing a bridge and adding temporary bridges
  • removing no more than 2 teeth
  • aftercare, including treatment for infections
  • adjustment and alteration of dentures or orthodontic appliances
  • urgent treatment for acute conditions such as ulcers and herpetic lesions
  • treatment of sensitive cementum or dentine
  • draining an abscess
  • other treatment needed after trauma
  • 1 permanent filling